Magnus Innovation Announces The Release Of Magnus Bicycle Safety Lights For Cyclists

Discover the new bicycle lights engineered for safety on the road. Using our bike lights will save many lives.

Magnus Innovation is announcing today that its Magnus Bicycle Safety Lights has been released and is currently selling on the popular e-commerce site,

David Lieu, media contact was asked earlier what the Magnus Bicycle Safety Lights was and how it could help riders. "It is especially dangerous out there on the roads for cyclists when it is dark. A pothole that ruins your tire, sends you flying, and threatens your safety is lurking anywhere. Our front headlight illuminates the way with its super bright zoomable LED to give the rider a better sense of the road's contours in all conditions, and our multi-LEDs energy efficient rear taillight can increase the rider's visibility from oncoming traffic."

Mr. Lieu continue with, "When we set to create our Magnus Bicycle Safety Lights, we did so after much research because we wanted to make sure we could produce a quality product that was reliable, affordable, and most importantly ensures the safety of cyclist and pedestrians through brightly lit LED lights that maximizes their visibility."

The question of the effectiveness and functionality was raised, Mr. Lieu laughed jokingly, "The Magnus bike lights has the ability to last up to 80 hours and visible to motorist up to 2500 feet with its super bright energy-efficient LEDs. It's also equipped with a tool-less handlebar mounting bracket along with adjustable rubber straps for a secure fit and quick-release lever for detaching the light from the mounting bracket to prevent theft." said Mr. Lieu.

"The fact that our Magnus front headlight was designed with a super bright 3 Watts zoomable LED providing up to 40 feet of visibility. There are also 5 energy efficient LED rear tail lights with multi-angle adjustments lasting up to 80 hours and visible to motorist up to 2500 feet. Each bike lights has 3 flash settings allowing riders to adjust it in various terrains as well as waterproof against rainy and foggy weather." Mr. Lieu said.

About Magnus Innovation

Magnus Innovation inspires and empowers people that seek to reduce the world's carbon footprint by creating innovative products that enhance the bicycling experience and ensuring the safety of our bicycling community.

The Magnus Bicycle Safety Lights by Magnus Innovation has become very popular, and inquiries remain strong in the product because it is offered on one of the largest eCommerce site Innovation has products that are beautifully designed, simple, easy-to-use, and significantly improves riders’ ability to enhance their safety and experience whether they are commuting or for recreation.

Magnus Innovation strongly believes in giving back to the community and supporting higher causes, therefore 5% of all sales profit will be donated to, an organization devoted to improving bicycling experience in America. Help Magnus Innovation and PeopleForBikes cycle better on every path, lane, park, and trail.


David Lieu