A Hip Hop Star In The Making Polow Dude ft. Fearless Kid With Hit Single ~ Hope My Life Change


London, England (April 28, 2014) - This hit single from Polow Dude (Hope My Life Change) ft. Fearless Kid is one to look for as it gains momentum, traction and a multitude of new fans. The real life portrayal is a topic which is in the forefront of every major media outlet describing the suffering of recent times based on the austerity measures taken throughout the world.    

This artist has been honing his skills and craft at the tender age of 12 already knowing where he wanted to go, at 16 he got his first break to perform before a crowd of over 1000 people in Jamaica at a high school concert and since then Polow Dude has never turned back.

With 4 singles and 3 videos under his belt, Polow Dude is poised for success and his fans are willing and waiting to get their man to the top of the Hip Hop art form, with hopefully more videos and singles to follow it won’t be long before stardom starts knocking at his door.

We recently met up with Polow Dude and ask him about new projects and what his aim was for the future and this is what he said and we quote “my aim for the future is to keep bringing good music and entertainment to my fans and I hope to help other talented artist in the process, I would also love to have my own record label and to be a big man in the music business”.

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About Jim Mcafer:
Jim is a freelance writer for indie and underground music, based in Germany and is currently guest blogging for a new start up international music blog