Get to Zilch! The Quickest Way Possible

Philadelphia, PA – David Korpel’s Zilch! is set to officially hit the iOS store on April 16th, and fans can’t wait to get their hands on the new game.

“You’d think adding to 10 was easy, but try doing it under this much pressure,” says one player at a recent indie game event, who wasn’t able to put down his device long enough to talk at length since downloading Zilch!.

What the player is referring to is the game’s requirement for the player to pick the pipe a ball drops out of.  The number on the ball adds to the number in the slot it drops in.  The goal of the game is to get zeroes across all slots, something in theory that sounds easy, but as many have come to find out, is challenging and also very fun along the way.

As Korpel puts it, “It’s not all about speed, players really have to calculate (pun intended) their next move and use strategy to get to Zilch! the quickest way possible.”

Zilch! has been developed for the iOS 7.0 platform, which comes with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  It’s also been optimized for the iPhone 5, to cater for the growing number of Zilch! fans using this particular device.

“It’s simple to learn, yet ridiculously difficult to master.”

“I haven’t been able to get more than 5,000 points in a game.  It’s impossible to put down.”

Those are just some of the sentiments fans of the game have been sharing ever since downloading it on their devices.  With the buzz already surrounding Zilch! more feedback is bound to come David’s way, and he’s appreciative of the love his endeavor is garnering from players the world over.

“I love that you can just pick it up, play, put it down, and start right where you left off,” says gamer inSPYerd129, who certainly likes that she can pause Zilch! to answer a text or phone call and then begin playing again without having to restart or lose her place in the game.

To experience the challenge of Zilch! visit and download the game.  Feel free to leave a review or comment, as David certainly appreciates feedback that will help him make the game more challenging and exciting.

About David Korpel

The developer, David Korpel, works in Corporate America but has a part-time passion for indie games and iOS development.  Zilch! is his first game, but he has many more in the pipeline. To reach him via email,