World-renowned, Numerology Meanings and Astrology expert Discusses 2014 and Beyond

World-renowned and revered numerologist, astrologer and seer Bejan Daruwalla recently sat down to discuss his gift of prophecy, his past predictions and what he sees for the future. At 80 years old, the Indian prophet is confident in his abilities and not shy to read the fortune of anyone he meets. With a commanding voice, he reveals the meanings of someone’s facial features as well as major world events he sees coming to pass in 2014.

Describing himself as “New Age”, Daruwalla combines many different disciplines into a prophetic technique that he says naturally developed in him since childhood. As early as the age of five, Daruwalla claims he was blessed with an ability to see into the future. Over the years, he has honed his gift by acquiring knowledge from traditional Vedic astrology, Western astrology and Hebrew mythology. Daruwalla also regularly employs numerology, tarot, palmistry and the I-Ching when doing his work.

One of the most notable of Daruwalla’s predictions was the Asian tsunami in 2004. Considered to be one of the worst natural disasters in history, the devastating vision made Daruwalla pray that the deities would leave him alone. Daruwalla says that he was in turn told that events like this could not be stopped, whether or not he saw them ahead of time.

As for 2014, Daruwalla sees a disastrous earthquake and more pain for the Middle East. He says that January, April and October will be the most challenging months for the world. Although most of the major events he foresees for the year are grim, Daruwalla maintains his belief that a brighter future is fast approaching. In five years time, Daruwalla says, the world will be full of joy. offers an abundance of information for people interested in numerology. Learn the basics about number meanings, explore our extensive library, or request your own free numerology reading.

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