UCLA’s Relationship Institute has taken on the issue of weight and come up with a life long plan that not only helps keep the pounds off, but benefits the bond between loved ones. "Love Me Slender" is written by Psychology professors Thomas Bradbury and Benjamin Karney and based on married couples who have taken part in their research project. LMS YouTube Channel  The pub date is February, 2014, just in time for Valentines Day and a great way for couples to get back on track for the new year after all the holiday festivities.

Unlike fad diets or even the best of diets out there, this book takes into account one of the most important factors in maintaining good health; the person with whom we live, interact and eat.  “Love Me Slender”  is about communicating with your spouse or partner. When we learn to communicate better about our health needs, we may find we can communicate better about other aspects of our lives. Ultimately this can lead to an even closer and healthier relationship as well as healthier bodies.

"Love Me Slender" offers a brand new, refreshing approach to diet and exercise. We already know that vegetables and workouts are good for us, so instead of recipes and fitness plans Bradbury and Karney provide a brilliantly simple, easy-to-follow look at the principles of intimate relationships, and how partners can support, rather than sabotage, one another’s health goals. They also include self-assessments and quizzes to help partners understand and eliminate the behaviours that get in the way. 

Love Me Slender Offers a New Perspective on Health – and Shows How Relationships Enable Healthier Habits:

▪     New Years’ Resolutions are often a distant memory by the time April rolls around.  How can partners recognize and mobilize the strengths in their relationship to help make these healthy resolutions stick?  

▪     Studies show that couples gain weight as they settle into their relationship, and again after their children are born.  But why are some couples able to counteract this effect?  

▪     What do partners misunderstand the most when it comes to one another’s health and weight? What are the best approaches to initiating a more productive –– and more compassionate –– dialog?  

“Love Me Slender: How Smart Couples Team Up to Lose Weight,

 Exercise More, and Stay Healthy Together.”
By Thomas Bradbury, PhD, and Benjamin Karney, PhD. 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster/Touchstone / Hardcover Original 9” x 6”

 Publication Date 4 February 2014 / Language: English

 $25.99 List Price / 320 pages / ISBN 9781451674514