Why Small Business Should Go For Protective Device Setting Studies?

If you need to ensure personal and general electrical safety and to ensure that your business’s equipment is not damaged under fault conditions per the requirements of NEC 110-10, then you need to find out more about “Protective Device Coordination”.

When a facility or building encounters an electrical fault, “Protective Device Setting and Coordination Studies” ensures that it affects the least possible part of your business’s/facility’s electrical power distribution system.

+Current Solutions PC is trusted by many large and small businesses since 1998 for Protective Device Setting and Coordination Studies that helped our clients with:

  • Protective device coordination / evaluation
  • Description, purpose, basis and scope of the study plus a simplified single-line diagram of the portion of the power system which is included within the scope of study.
  • Tabulations of circuit breaker, fuse and other equipment ratings versus calculated short-circuit duties and commentary regarding same.
  • Protective device time versus current coordination curves, tabulations of relay and circuit breaker trip settings, fuse selection and commentary regarding same.
  • Fault-current tabulations including a definition of terms and a guide for interpretation.
  • Tabulation of appropriate tap settings for relay seal-in units.
  • Relay Settings.
  • Determine the correct protective device settings so that your system will be 100% protected.

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