3D Supply Guys Now Offers Makerbot 3D Printing Products

Bethel, Connecticut, June 13, 2016 : 3D Supply Guys is pleased to announce they have now added Makerbot 3D printing products to their line of product offerings.

Known for their ease of use, reliability, and well-rounded ecosystem of related software applications, Makerbot brand 3D printers, scanners, and filament are ideal for use in education & learning environments.  Accordingly, Makerbot is a highly sought after 3D printer brand with particular appeal to teachers and students of all ages.

Largely due to the equipment reliability and supportive ecosystem, Makerbot 3D printing products are strongly recommended by 3D Supply Guys.  Particularly with the newer Smart Extruder+ & latest firmware updates, Makerbot’s flagship “Replicator” 3D printer offers a consistently positive 3D printing experience.  Educators are therefore able to spend much less time debugging the machine, and much more time developing student skills & learning opportunities.  Using the intuitive Makerbot software, schools can easily scale student access to 3D printers without added complexity.  Mobile printer access & a built in webcam makes it simple to start and stop prints, check the status of a print in progress, and monitor the machines remotely. Interested schools can contact 3D Supply Guys for information on incorporating 3D printing into the curriculum, and for quotes on recommended 3D printing equipment.

Anyone interested in learning about Makerbot 3D printing products and their application in the classroom can find out more by visiting the 3D Supply Guys website or by calling 1-844-337-8775.

About 3D Supply Guys : 3D Supply Guys is a full-service provider of 3D printing equipment, including 3D printers, 3D scanners, filament, replacement parts, and accessories.  They carry a variety of products to ensure that individuals, businesses, and schools have access to the materials they need for a successful 3D printing experience.



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