Wexford University launches the open enrollment program for Associates of Arts Degree in Fitness Training

 CALIFORNIA, 17th JAN 2014: A career as a fitness trainer or a lifestyle coach is indeed one of the fastest growing careers of the current times. For those who wish to make use of their passion to make good money, this is the best way to go. However, in order to attain the chance to earn lucrative returns from this career, one has to possess the right kind of skills and education. To help students and other fitness enthusiasts achieve their goal of launching an exciting career, Wexford University has introduced its open enrollment program for Associate of Arts degree in Fitness Training.

The open enrollment program is truly one a kind because it lets students start training the next moment they get enrolled. This is a great opportunity to tap into the market potential and make best use of the current job openings in the market. Another unique feature of this course is that it enjoys a wide scope of applicability. Using this education one can become a fitness trainer, a lifestyle coach, fitness manager and so on.

The Associate of Arts degree with the open enrollment feature has attracted many individuals from various corners of the country and continues to get increased interest from those who are keen on updating their career.

 Students can begin applying for the course beginning February 17th 2014. With the open enrollment being a better alternative to traditional training, students can now achieve their degree 30% faster. It is a very good program especially for those who want to make the most of their careers in the field of fitness training. To know more, log onto

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