keyboard_arrow_up to launch a custom video testimonials service for small scale online based businesses

New York City, NY 11th July 2014 -, a leading and highly rated video testimonial provider has confirmed that it will launch a new custom service for small scale online based businesses. According to a statement released by the provider the new service will look to meet the custom needs small businesses have and will be up and running by the end of this month. has said that modalities for the services have already been worked out and as soon as the package is ready, small businesses will have a chance to take advantage of it.

For the last five years has reported consistent growth to become one of the biggest video testimonial service providers. The firm has done well to meet the diverse needs of each and every customer but as it looks, the proposed launch of a custom service for small businesses will take this success to a whole new level. has assured its current and future customers that it will continue to tailor its video testimonial services in line with the emerging needs of each customer.

According to analysts in the market this latest move is great news for small businesses that until this day have been keen to secure reliable and quality providers to buy video testimonials. The truth is very many small businesses have different standards and requirements as far as video testimonials are concerned and as such, there is a great feeling among expert observes in the market that the planned launch of this new service from is indeed well timed.

The popularity of video testimonials over the last few years has continued to grow remarkably. A lot of businesses have been looking at reviews as a very great way of promoting and marketing their products. Although there are very few online based platforms where anyone can buy video testimonial, has done well to offer an easy way out.

The planned launch of custom service is seemingly a very bold step in the right direction. The company has said that the services will come at very easy costs and the level of quality they will posses will be very high. Businesses looking to purchase video testimonials have been urged to make good use of the expertise available at For more details please get in touch with the company through today.

About is a leading video testimonials provider that has a creative team of actors and actresses at your disposal. The company has been offering reliable and quality video testimonials over the last few years and is regarded as one of the most respected entities in the market. For more details please feel free to visit

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