VoiceOnyx offers many features all included in their plans but the one feature that is most requested is voicemail to email. More then 84% of VoiceOnyx customers use and depend everyday on their voicemails arriving in their inbox. As we all know the workflow of the average business professional in the last 10 years has dramatically shifted. Over the years snail mail has moved into the inbox and now more recently voice mail has as well. The truth is that our email inbox has become our every box. Our inbox is our todo list, delegator, notifier, log, knowledge base, calendar, and most importantly a communication tool.

In a sense, a voicemail left for a business, is very similar to a email sales inquiry or vendor email update. Someone is calling and leaving a voicemail for a reason and the reasons can mirror the same reasons someone may choose to email. A voicemail can be a sales call (spam), a notification (archive), a call back (reply), or a billing question (forward). When a business enables their employees with voicemail to email they have created a new way to handle your business communications more efficiently and with the same accountability as email.

One simple feature that can change the way your employees operate your business. Just be careful as just like snail mail went to email there is no going back.

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