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Getting a divorce is a step in someone’s life that is really hard to take and that is extremely overwhelming, both from an emotional, and, in many cases, a financial standpoint. In general, when people find themselves in the situation of getting a divorce, they are often extremely confused and upset, therefor not being able to think clear anymore or make smart decisions. When such a situation can no longer be avoided, it is extremely important to work closely with a qualified and experienced family lawyer melbourne who can walk you through the entire process and who could offer you a fixed price divorce. When searching for the right family lawyer melbourne, it is extremely important to know that a good divorce lawyer is not necessarily the right one for you, as every case is different and the approach can never be the same. Also, you should opt for a divorce lawyer who has the ability to communicate effectively with you and understand how this situation emotionally affects you.

If you need to hire a professional family lawyer melbourne who could help you deal with the divorce and, why not, offer you a fixed price divorce, one of your best options is contacting Melbourne Collaborative Alliance ( MELCA). MELCA is made up of a group of independent, like-minded professionals who work with families as collaborative lawyers, psychologists and counsellors, financial planners and child specialists, offering both moral support and a fixed price divorce. The highly experienced team at MELCA has the knowledge and confidence to estimate the scope of work required to help the implied parts get an agreement, and the cost of doing that. With a MELCA agreed price you choose the destination and the route. You know at the beginning the cost and the steps along the way.

Part of the MELCA commitment to separating families is to help them to manage the cost of separation, and to ensure that money is spent in a way that is transparent and of value to the emotional and financial well-being of every customer. This company has been founded by three amazing specialists in the divorce counselling area, whose name are Marguerite Picard, Tricia Peters and Dr. Tina Sinclair, who is a psychologist and also a couple therapist. One of the founding members of MELCA, the lawyer Marguerite Picard, worked for years in litigation, and knows the wastefulness of that system. This is one of the reasons she now practises only in collaboration. MELCA offers a fixed price divorce after an intake meeting with a family lawyer melbourne for each person, a family consultant and a financial planner.

Nobody wants to get a divorce and give up a family, but when separation can no longer be avoided, it is better to know how to deal with the situation and get a family lawyer melbourne to help you get through with it. If you are intersted in finding more about the amazing company MELCA or about how you could get a fixed price divorce, make sure you visit the website and fill in the enquiry form to get in touch with a representative!

Resource Box: Whether you need a good family lawyer melbourne or you are trying to get a fixed price divorce, at MELCA you will find exaclty what you are looking for! Visit and find out more about this company and the services available!