Eastern Pools To Provide In-Store Water Testing

Akron pool company

Eastern Pools will begin offering customers in-store testing of their pool or spa water, the Akron area pool store announced recently. The advantage to this service, according to the business, is that it takes the guesswork out of the often-complicated process of deciding which chemicals are needed at a given time. Customers will be able to have their water tested in-store and purchase the right chemicals in the exact type and quantity necessary.

The company’s announcement also indicated that their in-store testing will utilize “Lamotte Spin Lab” computerized water testing. This is a newer type of water testing system able to deliver a complete and accurate assessment of your pool or spa’s water chemistry in only about a minute. The precision of the analysis is such that, within that minute, the employees at Eastern Pools will be able to test your water’s pH and chlorine content. Other levels tested in-store by the “Lamotte Spin Lab” system include Biguianide, Biguanide Shock, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Copper, Iron, Borate and other elements and indicators.

The in-store testing, the local pool company believes, will also make it unnecessary for customers to rely on data from or memory of the last reading they took. Because the chemical makeup can fluctuate rapidly, especially as the seasons change and pool or spa use increases or decreases, Eastern Pools seeks to provide customers with a convenient, effective and reliable test, as often as necessary.

Eastern Pools, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. All of the family members combined have amassed over 200 years of experience in the pool and spa industry. Not only is their experience and knowledge specific to the pool and spa industry, it is specific to the Akron area as well. The family has served the pool and spa needs of the same 5 county area since 1963. Their familiarity with the area is accompanied by their considerable inventory, which they state is the largest of any pool dealer in that same 5 county area in Northeast Ohio.

In addition to in-store water testing, Eastern Pools also provides an array of services including pool and spa repair, renovation, opening and closing services, scheduled pool cleanings, and spa and hot tub sales. In addition to all the necessary chemicals described above, Eastern Pools also provides customers with a variety of other chemical products as well as pool toys for all ages. Eastern Pools offers specials on these pool toys on a seasonal basis in the Fall. In the Spring, their chemicals are discounted in association with the opening of pool for a new season. Eastern Pools seeks to provide a family-friendly atmosphere in their store. For more information on their in-store water testing, or other products and services, visit

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