Global Petroleum Coke (PetCoke) Market 2018 Opportunities & Trends

The report titled "Global Petroleum Coke Market: Trends and Opportunities (2013-18)" provide an insight into the market dynamics and changing trends in the global petroleum coke or petcoke market. The report covers the actual and forecasted industry production of petroleum coke in the market and also outlines the various factors fuelling the demand of the same. The report also captures the global market share based on the region and end market applications. Further, the report discusses the domestic markets of various countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Canada. It also focuses on the various trends that are currently dominating the global pet coke industry. The report concludes with brief discussion of major factors driving the global pet coke market and profiling of major players like Chevron Corporation, Conoco Phillips, Exon Mobil and Valero Energy Corporation.

Geographical Coverage

  • Global
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Canada

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Company Coverage

  • Chevron Corporation
  • Exon Mobil
  • Valero Energy Corporation
  • Conoco Philips

Petroleum Coke or Petcoke is a co-product of several distillation processes used in refining heavy crude oil. As nearly half of the petroleum refineries in the United States uses a coking process to convert heavy crude oils into refined petroleum products, more refineries are likely to follow. Although it is a refining co-product, petcoke has economic value as both a heating fuel and raw material in manufacturing.

The global petroleum coke industry has witnessed gradual growth over the years. The diverse end market application and ease of availability of coke has resulted in its growing demand in the market. United States is the largest producer of pet coke and has large number of coker and oil refineries. But after the recession, the dynamics of petroleum coke industry has shifted from mature western markets to rapidly growing and expanding Asian market.

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Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Petroleum Coke (PetCoke) Industry: An Overview

3. Global Petroleum Coke Market: An Analysis
3.1. Global Petroleum Coke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
3.2. Global Petroleum Coke Market Share: An Analysis
3.2.1. Market Share: By Region
3.2.2. Market Share: By End Market

4. Petroleum Coke Market: Country Analysis
4.1. United States: Petroleum Coke Market
4.1.1. US PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.1.2. Growth in Pet Coke Production Capacity at US Refineries
4.1.3. Trends in Petroleum Coke Production of United States
4.1.4. United States Pet Coke Export
4.1.5. United States Pet Coke Export Market Share, By Region
4.2. United Kingdom: Petroleum Coke Market
4.2.1. UK PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.3. Russia: Petroleum Coke Market
4.3.1. Russian PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.4. India: Petroleum Coke Market
4.4.1. Indian PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.4.2. Coke: A Potential Substitute of Coal in Indian Market
4.4.2. Coke: A Potential Substitute of Coal in Indian Market
4.4.3. India Petroleum Coke Import
4.4.4. India Petroleum Coke Import from Countries
4.5. China Petroleum Coke Market
4.5.1. China PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.6. Brazil Petroleum Coke Market
4.6.1. Brazil PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.7. Spain Petroleum Coke Market
4.7.1. Spainl PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.8. Mexico Petroleum Coke Market
4.8.1. Spain PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.9. Japan Petroleum Coke Market
4.9.1. Japan PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)
4.10. Canada Petroleum Coke Market
4.10.1. Canada PetCoke Market: Sizing & Growth (Actual & Forecast)

5. Growth Drivers of Petroleum Coke Industry

6. Company Profiles
6.1. Valero Energy Corporation
6.1.1. Business Description
6.1.2. Financial Highlights
6.1.3. Business Strategies
6.2. Chevron Corporation
6.2.1. Business Description
6.2.2. Financial Highlights
6.2.3. Business Strategies
6.3. Exxon Mobil
6.3.1. Business Description
6.3.2. Financial Highlights
6.3.3. Business Strategies
6.4. Conoco Phillips
6.4.1. Business Description
6.4.2. Financial Highlights
6.4.3. Business Strategies

List of Tables

Table 1: US Coker Expansions, 2008-2013
Table 2: Composition of Coke in Comparison to Indian Coal
Table 3: Oil Refineries of Valero Energy Cooperation