Male Organ Sensation Boosters - Self-pleasuring Tips and Tricks to Try Tonight

Even if a man is in a committed, long-term relationship, he is bound to seek out some quality one-on-one time with himself every now and again.  While any man over the age of 16 may fancy himself an expert in this area, there may just be a self-pleasuring technique – or two – he hasn’t tried yet.  Expert or amateur, any man should give these 5 self-pleasuring techniques a shot. Who knows? - a new favorite may be found.  Additionally, all men should take a few seconds every day to spruce up their male organ care routine to ensure they are keeping the male organ healthy and in tip-top condition to avoid loss of sensation and other chronic problems.

5 Self-pleasuring Tricks to Try Tonight

1. The Palm Rubber: Just as it sounds, a man generously lubes his hand, then rubs just the head of the male organ on the palm, sliding it back and forth using varying pressure and speed until he reaches the height of pleasure.  The sensation this trick provides is far different from conventional self-pleasuring, but with patience, it can lead to a mind-blowing release.

2. Ring Around the Male Organ:  To execute this technique, a man simply makes a ring out of his thumb and index finger as if he is saying, “OK.” Wrap the ring around the base of the male organ and slowly stroke upwards with one hand until it reaches the tip.  Then, follow with the other hand, also taking a ring form, so that there is a continuous upward stroking as if he were “milking” the male organ.  Continue this action at the desired speed and pressure until the big payout arrives.

3. The Stranger: It doesn’t take long for a man to figure out which hand he is most proficient with, which can be a good thing for the man who is in a hurry.  But for a guy who wants to take his time, he should switch and use his other hand.  Most likely, this hand will be less-coordinated, slower and even a little clumsy by comparison, on account of it always taking the bench to the starting pitcher.  Some men even find that using this technique feels as though he is getting a hand job from a woman, as it generally feels different and may be less fluid than when he gets himself off.

4. The sleeper:  In this case, the man takes the hand of his choosing and sits on it – thereby reducing circulation -- until the hand feels a bit numb.  He then self-stimulates quickly, before the hand comes back into total feeling, again giving him the sensation that someone else is doing the hard work as well.  Just be sure not to go too numb, or the hand will not be coordinated enough to do anything at all!

5. Stroke it:  Men who really want to experiment with new sensations can stop by the nearest adults-only store and pick up a stroker aid.  While male toys can come with many bells and whistles, a typical stroker is nothing more than a tube made of a jelly-like material.  Simply lube up the tube well, insert the male organ and self-stimulate by stroking the tube up and down the manhood.  Strokers may also come with textured bumps and ribbing to add another layer of sensation to the act.

Improving the Male organ Care Routine

Sorry guys, it’s not enough to simply wash the male organ with soap and water and call it good.  Doing so not only dries out the skin, but also fails to provide it with any nourishing health benefits.  Instead of tucking it away directly after a shower, men should add a male organ vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to their personal care routine.  A male organ lotion containing nourishing vitamins and minerals not only hydrates the skin, but can also improve circulation and reduce the signs of aging and loss of sensitivity. Simply massage into the skin after a shower and be on the way to a healthier manhood that is always ready to go.

For additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ, visit: John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.