Meet Darryl Johnson aka Chef DP-- Miami's Roadside Chef & the CEO of the Brand SabrosoSauce™

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Miami, Florida

Some people know him as the chef who cooks up the most delicious conch fritters and conch salad in Miami from a mobile kitchen under a tent. Others know him as a bow tie wearing, Dapper Don; a regular on the red carpet around town supporting charitable causes. But many are unaware that Darryl Johnson aka Chef DP, is also the man behind the global brand SabrosoSauce.™

Known in Miami as the "Roadside Chef," Johnson has cultivated a loyal fan base.  Six days a week, Chef DP pulls his custom-built stainless-steel stove, hitched to a flatbed, to a street corner near his home. His customers include police officers, firemen, office professionals, postal workers, politicians, fellow chefs and neighborhood regulars.

Johnson's customers come from far and wide to enjoy his chunks of sweet, tender conch imported from the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos or for his fritters, made from a batter that has bits of conch, green pepper, onion and secret seasonings. After someone outbid him for a restaurant space in Liberty City, he opened Chef DP (Darryl’s Place), saying he prefers to cook outside.

But Johnson, is about more than delicious conch fritters and salad. The personable Chef, known for his comedic personality, shades, and bright smile, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist.  In 2011, Chef DP  established SabrosoSauce,™ a delicious blend of high-quality sauces and seasonings, hand created with fresh and natural ingredients. He has additional products on the way. 

Born in Miami, Johnson learned to cook from his Bahamian grandparents and mother as well as mentors at the Miami Culinary Institute downtown.  His love for food and entrepreneurial spirit were discovered early as a child when he sold homemade butter cookies at events throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. 

Believing it's important to give back, Johnson started Chef DP Charities Foundation, with a commitment to philanthropy. Through the Foundation Chef DP volunteers his time and services to a variety of community and social causes.  Each year he partners with Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami and their Adopt a Floor campaign where he offers books and Easter baskets to sick children. 

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