DOJ Financial Specialist Zachary Jenkins Revels In His Multitude Of Roles As A Serial Entrepreneur

The Maryland Based Army and Air National Guard Veteran, Who Has Visited 100 Countries on Six Continents, Thrives In Running Vending, Wholesale and Retail Enterprises

            Washington, D.C. – September 3, 2015 - Remember those dynamic commercials for the U.S. Army that invited those who joined to “be all that you can be”? Zachary Jenkins is a living embodiment of that slogan, attributing his drive to succeed to the discipline of his time in the military – which included training as a parachutist at Ft. Benning, GA and in Germany while arranging supplies for those who went to fight in the Gulf War.

A key part of his seven and a half year stint in the Army, this wildly adventurous endeavor serves as the perfect metaphor for the diverse array of career opportunities, smart investing and calculated risk taking that’s driven his success as a freewheeling serial entrepreneur for over 20 years.

For the past 13 years, he has worked as a U.S. Department of Justice Financial Specialist by day, primarily processing vendor payments for thousands of small businesses contracted by the government; his current position is Certifying Officer for USDOJ and Team Lead. While rising in the ranks and helping business owners get paid in an efficient manner, Jenkins has also thrived for many years in various vending, wholesale and retail businesses on a part time basis.

While serving in Germany in the early 90s, happened upon a mail order company called Specialty Merchandise Corporation (now called Smart Living Company) and began purchasing products from their catalog to resell. Positioning himself as a broker, he secured 100 catalogs and gave them to a growing network of friends and colleagues. Rather than order direct, they would trust Jenkins to receive the personal and business products and distribute them.

Jenkins gained new clients quickly by word of mouth and email marketing, and, ironically found that even after the company went online, people still preferred traditional mail order. In the years since he has been back living in the U.S., he’s grown his clientele from his original European base to customers from the D.C. Metro Area and down the East Coast to Florida.

In recent years, Jenkins has also ventured into the ownership of vending machines in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., keeping the business small enough to be able to purchase product and stock the units himself. While he’s mostly carried Pepsi drinks, recently his passion for coffee – and the recommendation of a friend – led him to invest in a unique, health conscious brand called Organo Gold and stock a single machine full of that product.

One of the fastest growing and most respected direct selling companies in the world, Organo Gold is on a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma, a genus of polypore mushrooms that is the key ingredient in all of their coffee items. For thousands of years, Ganoderma lucidum has been recognized by Asian medicine as the highest ranked of all herbs.

While Jenkins has enjoyed success as a DOJ financial analyst and as a serial entrepreneur, these are only two facets of an incredible personal and professional life journey. Serving as preparation for his future career with the DOJ, he received on the job training in finance and accounting during his later Army stint in South Korea. His position there was in Fleet Management, arranging for thousands of vehicles to be shipped to different parts of the country.

Shortly after securing a position in telephone electronics at Andrews AFB as a member of the Air National Guard, he applied for an opening as a flight attendant on private planes serving dignitaries all around the world. He got the job, and upon completing the fascinating multi-faceted training of Pan Am flight attendant School, Water Survival School and Culinary School, he began adding stamps to his passport at a whirlwind pace, visiting Alaska, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Bolivia, Peru, Israel, Croatia, Nicaragua and Mexico, among others. In all, he estimates he has visited 100 countries on six continents (some on official business, some unofficially).

Reflecting upon his eclectic resume as a serviceman, government employee and entrepreneur, Jenkins says, “Everything I do boils down to helping people every day. I want to bring something of value to people that brings joy to their day and enhances their life.”

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