Let Your Other Half Enjoy Relaxation Day While You Enjoy The Football

On Saturday the Premier League season kicks off in the UK, much to the anticipation of millions of football fans worldwide. While many of us will be looking forward to the football however, millions more wives, girlfriends and even boyfriends will be dreading the start of the new season, as they lose their other halves for prolonged periods every weekend. 

If your significant other is one of those that just hates football, then why not follow Jacamo's advice and take advantage of Relaxation Day, which is on August 15th. A full day dedicated to relaxing, unwinding and generally putting your feet up, Relaxation Day gives you the perfect excuse to encourage your other half to chill for a bit, allowing you to slip off and watch the football in peace. 

So if you're looking for a way to keep your partner busy while you enjoy the new season, why not take up one of the tips from Jacamo's new infographic: