Keeping Busy at Riches Constructions

It has been a busy few months here at Riches Constructions, and that’s exactly the way we like it. We’re not the types to sit on our laurels; once a job has been signed, sealed, and delivered, we’re typically off to the next one. It’s our passion, and we enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at the last few months of frenetic activity, and take stock of what we’ve accomplished. We take pride in providing quality refurbishments of the highest value, and we feel that our prior work is quite possibly the finest testament to our work.

On July 6th, the doors open on the IGA store in Numurkah. Ready and willing to service the needs of the citizens here, the store here has seen some striking renovations, allowing it to service the needs of residents here even more effectively.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Yarrawonga Mulwala Funeral Services will now see a considerably extension to their property. This addition offers them greater space to conduct their affairs, and we did our best work in staying true to the initial motif of the building.

Continuing in Yarrawonga, we were honoured to create additional housing for the Yarrawonga Health Services, which will provide additional housing for medical professionals in town for training purposes. As medical staff shortages in Australia’s smaller towns become more acute, we say, the more the merrier!

Down at Mt Buller, we got reacquainted with the Courchevel Apartments. We constructed six units here two years ago, and were invited back to help out with the carpentry works for some further additions to the project.

Lastly, we were recently humbled to take charge of a renovation project nearby to us, a homestead dating back to the turn of the century. This is a rammed earth property, meaning its floors and walls had been created from the living earth itself, a clay mixture. Our addition here must hold true to the original vision of the home, and we believe we are doing it justice.

We pride ourselves on quality, and what sets us apart from other builders is that we cater for our clients on an individual basis, whether it be a new home, renovation or extension. This adaptive talent keeps us engaged in our work, and we always find that there is something new and exciting for us to learn in our pursuit of the perfect home.

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