Spotlight At Night All Set to Make Nightlife More Happening than Ever Before

Get, Set for Every Night in the Spotlight

Fremont, CA, April 22, 2014 – Maketick, Inc. is excited to announce our selection by Spotlight At Night, Inc. (SAN), to complete the final construction of their revolutionary platform for the Nightlife and Entertainment Industry. Maketick has been contracted to take Spotlight At Night’s engaging blend of Social Network and Entertainment Guide from beta testing to fully operational state over the next 90 days.

Spotlight At Night, Inc. a Florida based company, is set to make nightlife all over the United States more scintillating than ever before by developing a comprehensive platform that would fill up the existing gaps, in terms of connections and communication, between the nightlife hotspots, marketers, entertainers/performers and customers.

Spotlight At Night, Inc. understands magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead. Accordingly, the company has expanded its business model with special stress on both B2B and B2C, founding on the mobility ecommerce offers. The three key areas that SAN is capitalizing upon for successfully accomplishing the dynamic goal are Social Media Marketing, Social Networking and Mobile Applications.

Spotlight At Night, Inc. aims at delivering the best assistance to promoters and consumers in terms of their respective requirement. On one hand, promoters will find the platform as one of the swiftest means for promoting the most happening venues on social networking sites and on the other, consumers will be just a click away from finding their preferred events. Entertainers (musicians or any other form of live performers) will also enjoy the facility to open their profiles. While it will be free for all registered users to enjoy free access to the venue, promoters and performers, on the other hand, will receive information on customers upon payment.

In collaboration with Spotlight At Night, Inc. Maketick is currently busy with making the official web portal fully functional. Alongside, we are exceedingly optimistic about huge appreciation and acceptance of the effort by the targeted customer segment. This optimism has also fuelled creative esteem of SAN quite conspicuously, as they are looking forward to the opportunity to make their effort go global in the longer run, though currently it will focus solely the US market.

About Spotlight At Night:

Spotlight At Night, Inc. came into existence on March 2, 2011. Since its incorporation, the company has remained focused on the goal of developing and commercializing, subsequently, the official Spotlight At Night website ( SAN is located at,

Hollywood Business Center FL

3440 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 415

Hollywood, FL 33021

Contact no: 866-594-3052

The official business website, is at a beta state currently and nightlife enthusiasts may receive an impression of what they are quite close to. Interested, qualified investors may receive a personal tour of the beta site, as well as a complete business plan, by request. Please direct all inquiries to Joshua Johnson at, or feel free to call at, 866.594.3052 / 954.623.7687