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There’s a long lasting debates when it comes to moslem fashion especially when it comes to women’s fashion style. It seems like there’s a dilemma among moslem women between the sharia law and the fashion style. Just like any other woman all over the world, moslem women are also want to look good and impressive while they also want to keep their devotion to their faith and to keep following the religious law.

Every moslem woman knows that the religious law based on Quran or known as sharia law has regulation about the woman’s clothing. The outfit must be covering the whole body expect the face and the palm of the hand. Here in Indonesia, baju muslim is widely referred as Islamic fashion style based on Quranic regulation. However, there are long debates about what baju muslim must be. Different interpretation of the sharia law leads to very sharp controversies on it even among moslems.

Since the revival of Islamic lifestyle among Indonesian moslems, baju muslim becomes more and more popular. Moslem woman in Indonesia usually wear hijab or jilbab in Bahasa Indonesia. It is a head veil to cover the hair and the head and for the outfit they use shirt with long sleeve with long dress skirt or trousers. That’s the common baju muslim style for woman in this country. When it meets the fashion industry, the fashion decorative style is applied to create beautiful styles of hijab and baju muslim. Moslem woman in Indonesia can be both stylish and accentuates their faith with that fashion style.

However, it doesn’t goes without controversy. Lately, there’s a growing trend of more puritan Islamic movements in Indonesia influenced by multinational movements from Arabic region. These puritan movements are more conservatives when it comes to sharia law. Based on their teaching, baju muslim style in Indonesia is considered as un-islamic as they only accept the conservative interpretation of sharia law that the right outfit for woman is burqa or niqab widely known in Middle East region.

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