Exotic Racing Adventures in Sin City

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and lavish hotels. But in the recent years it has established itself as the exotic car racing hub in Nevada. The tracks are located just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and it brings the ultimate supercar experience to everyone.  There are awesome selections of supercars and exotic speed machines which can be yours for a day. Las Vegas has attracted tourists and other visitors regularly and is the top tourist destination for nearly a decade. It is still the top holiday destination in the world when it comes to attracting youngsters.

Mostly the Strip has all the famous casinos and the extravagant hotels. Gambling and partying is common in this part of Vegas.  Coming back to the race tracks and the super cars, there are instructors for the amateur drivers and you’ll get full instruction how to safely ride the exotic cars. There are proper race tracks and there is even the option of proper F1 style racing. But you need to be pro at driving these million dollar cars. The thrill of driving super cars at top speed is exciting but it should be handled with care.  There are Italian supercars and German magnificent cars which are available at reasonably rates.   

There is Corvette Z06 for Chevy lovers. It has got 505 HP7 power to feel the rush. It has 1L V8 turbo charged exhilarating engine which takes you to from 0 to100 in under 6 seconds. Then there is Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 and Murcielago which is the most exciting car Lamborghini has ever manufactured. You get sheer driving pleasure which riding the supercars. The Ferrari is a top competitor of Lamborghini even in Vegas. The FERRARI 430 SCUDERIA is a beast and is the most successful of all the Ferraris. Hire exotic car rental Vegas services and ride the most exciting supercars you have dreamt off.

               Not to mention there are Porche 997 Turbo S, Audi R8 V10, Nissan GT-R and  Aston Martin  among the elite cars. If you are in Vegas there is no better option for living that the penthouses  and cabanas Las Vegas.  Feel the adrenaline rush while riding these exotic cars.