This super cool Airwheel E6 smart foldable electric bicycle will make you want to hit the road in this weekend

The latest product Airwheel E6 electric bicycle is an ultra-light utility tool designed to be dynamic and versatile, offering travelers a wide range of functions on the go. It features a simple X-shaped design. Most of people can hit the road by riding this fabulous bike.

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As a folding electric bike, E6 can be easily packed and then kept in a small space. A set of data can explain this. 14.15kg, 950×456×160mm, 8-inch and 100kg load mean the self-weight, size after folding, tires’ size and the maximum load capacity respectively. All of these data makes E6 so easy to be carried. And importantly, the folding system does a great favor, such as the main frame with X shape, seat with left-right design, handrail and pedals which are all collapsible. This lays a foundation for achieving seamless connection between E6 and other transporting vehicles such as buses, subways or automobiles etc.

Not only intelligent but also safe, E6 e bikes are mounted with a specially designed app. The considerate gear adjustment function will safeguard your traveling even if you are a beginner. With this app, users can determine his or her position, check riding data like miles, speed or battery usage, make personal settings or do some basic repair.

The customized high-performance wheel hub motor with 300W strong driving force fully integrates electric power plant, gearing and electric brake device into the wheel hub, providing a stronger and steadier driving force. The creative C-AT vehicle control system facilitates E6 electric bike kit to find the balancing point between operability and steadiness. Besides, the intelligent EBS braking system can output the optimal power solution through tacit calculating.

Other designs like headlight, foldable pedals and the aluminum alloy kickstand are also catered for your traveling. As for the surface of E6, it adopts the car-level coating craft which means that it is corrosion proof and has a long service life.

Now you might be quite eager to ride Airwheel E6 to spend this weekend!

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