Feelings about some gameplay in ESO

There are some ESO players who think the game is too easy. As far as I can see, it is not the case. I’d like to share my feelings about some of the gameplay.

Lock picking
Any player can do lock picking in The Elder Scrolls Online. It can be very easy in lower levels. Chests can be found and without any class limit and skill limit, you will get some cheap ESO gold or ESO items from them. But once you go to higher levels, the chests are advanced, and it would be pretty hard to open on your first try. You have to be very very quick. It is kind of skill-need now. Sometimes it is so difficult to open that you even break your lock pick.


Everyone can do crafting too. You may have made all your stuff, armor, runes, bows and swords, but I do believe most players will dabble in crafting but not very many will master crafting. In addition, you have to do a lot of grinding to level any of the crafting professions outside of provisioning and alchemy. You can create any set for pretty much any build you want, but it does take 300-400 hours per craft to max, and researching traits on top will even take a few months and this is where your crafting will shine the most— the types of traits you can put on gear.  

Single player aspect
ESO is an MMO and mostly for PvP but there are also a lot of solos. This is the single player aspect but you do need to group for private dungeons and end game raids.


Developers have their hands full with bugs at the moment but that won’t hurt updates much every 4-6 weeks. As long as there are new contents, for example, the second Adventure Zone is coming soon, the game will still be very attractive. I think this will keep us going pretty long in these places, since they also have quests and stuff in them.