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When it comes to newspaper readers want a full coverage or news which caters to their need. Now with the passage of time the dependency on physical new paper has declined and people are inclined more towards the e-version which provides a comprehensive coverage of the entire topics. Moreover it easy to refer to.Dish Bideshe has cemented its footstep in the online version where comprehensive coverage is provided. The online publication is a big landmark in the history of the Deshe Bideshe newspaper. It has certainly attracted more readers as the online version is easy to be accessed. It is the main source of Bengali community and therefore who have their mother tongue as Bengali have major attraction with this Bangladesh news. Those who re staying at far off places are able to get quality information on one single page where there are many sections.

Grasp of news from all over the world
Readers did not fear as the news of Bangladesh are portrayed in online portal with accuracy. Readers who want to know about the UK Bangla news, American Bangla news or Kolkata news can get it all from the online version at a single click. This has therefore made the newspaper very popular. The arrangement of a website is such that all the information can be taken in one go. Most importantly it has a huge depth of news which makes it the best of all. In few years it has earned the fame of being the topmost First responsive Bengali news portal. Hence the readers have the advantage to get access to news from the Bengali community from any place. It has therefore narrowed the distance barrier and serves the community in the best way. Readers do not have to rely on the physical copy, the mobile version application is available which is a big landmark in the history of Deshe Bideshe. Now the news can be grasped on the go. While travelling, vacation, office etc. at some point of time it is easy to know the current news.

Online boost
The online platform is well composed where all the matter is provided in Bengali too. This provides a personal touch and ultimately this factor has become a big hit. From the top to the bottom of the page everything is given in Bengali language which is a great source of entertainment for the Bengali readers. The news is authentic and the matter is researched many times before publication is done. The pages are also designed in a colorful way and all the matter is provided on the basis of sections which provides the ease of searching and viewing. It is the exact place where top class Online Bangla can be spotted and with the very experienced team and backup the news content is published after doing a lot of analysis and assessment which means that the authenticity is given more preference. Therefore it has been tagged as the best newspaper with comprehensive coverage and providing accurate and genuine information.

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