SAQ Program to Improve Athlete’s Performance and Skills

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIFORNIA – January 9th, 2014 –  NESTA announces the updated and expanded Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist (SAQ) program for sports trainers, coaches and fitness training professionals. With the help of this program, the candidates can provide advanced sports performance coaching to their athletes and clients. Qualified coaches and trainers can train athletes involved with sports like basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, track & field, MMA, etc. The training will teach these coaches on how to create comprehensive SAQ training programs by using advanced training tools with little or no equipment. Students will receive a comprehensive digital manual in PDF format. The manual covers a variety of aspects that will help the coaches and athletes as well.

Program design, exercise science, safety & injury prevention, stretching & warm up, equipment options and selection, non-equipment drills, indoor & outdoor training options, special considerations, speed training, drills for martial arts, one-on-one & group training options and many more. With the help of this training program, coaches will be able to assess the Sport and Athlete’s performance which includes assessing possible skills and abilities needed by athletes; assess the athlete’s current abilities, design a customized program for the athletes and instruct SAQ drills. The athlete’s individual needs are also kept in mind before designing a program and instructing the athlete.

One of the main interesting concepts in the training is the Directional Change Drill which is designed to improve the athlete’s ability to react to different types of cues. This drill can continue for a desired time or repeats. The movement variations can be shuffles, cariocas, sprints, crawls, etc. Coaches will also be able to learn technique training and proper biomechanics for speed, agility and quickness development. Above all they would be able to learn how to create personalized and comprehensive SAQ training programs which are very crucial in successfully training the athletes. Coaches, trainers and fitness experts can take their coaching to the next level of professional athlete training.

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