Semblance Exhibition Brings Art and Technology Together

Art, technology, and interaction collide in the up-coming exhibition Semblance opening at the Lander Art Center Friday, January 9th from 6-8pm. This exhibition is a collaborative installation by Wyoming artists Austen William, Chancelor Havlik, and Hannah Juliane Clark. Artists will spend the next week installing an art piece comprised of e waste (i.e computer and electronic parts) as well as working TV screens, video and projectors that will create an interactive element with the audience.

Excerpt from artists' exhibition statement:
By using technology, privacy, and a sense of anonymity, Semblance invites the participant to indulge in a role free of ego, reputation, or consequence. Just as individuals construct idealized digital versions of themselves online, we invite the participant to act freely as they are confronted with a disorientation view of themselves that is both familiar and alienating.

Lander Art Center openings are free and open to the public and include complimentary appetizers by LAC members and drinks in part provided by The One Stop and the Cowfish.

Semblance will be on display January 9 to February 21, 2015. This exhibition is made possible with support from the Wyoming Art Council.

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