ASP Is Proud To Launch Its First Annual Amateur Surf Camp, "Dudes & Dudettes"

MALIBU, CALIF.— The ASP will host a hot and exciting surf camp, “Dudes & Dudettes,” to give young or inexperienced surfers the opportunity to hit the waves with some of surfing’s biggest names. Fan favorites, Kelly Slater, JJ Florence and Stephanie Gilmore, will lead the amateur surfers into the water off the beautiful shore of Malibu Beach. “Dudes & Dudettes” is open to surfers ages 10 and up.

Jesse Billauer, noteable surfer and philanthropist, will be the spokesperson for the event. As the CEO for non-profit “Life Rolls On,” Billauer has repeatedly emphasized his dedication to creating a wholesome and respectful surfing community.

Also incorporated into the camp will be workshops put on by D.A.R.E. In attempts to steer surfing into a more substance-free direction, the D.A.R.E. guides, along with the professional surfers, will educate the participants on the importance of healthy living.

“Surfing isn’t a straight-edge sport,” Slater admits, “but it shouldn’t be tied to drug abuse either. I’m really pumped to see us teaming up with such a sick organization.”

The three sessions are July 19-20, 2014, August 2-3, 2014 and August 17-18, 2014. The cost per session is $250, which includes professional surfing lessons, food and beverages, a “Dudes & Dudettes” t-shirt and photo opportunities with your favorite celebrities. Registration for “Dudes & Dudettes” opens April 10 at