Do you want to pay ESO gold for a bite?

Farming ESO gold is not that easy in The Elder Scrolls Online. You have to pay ESO gold for almost everything. That’s why most players will choose to buy ESO gold from online shops such as You are willing to use ESO gold for a horse, for a pet, for important weapons… but do you want to pay for a bite from another player who is infected with a werewolf or vampire virus?

Recently in a forum a player said that he paid 15K ESO gold for a bite. According to what he has described, there is a new trade business in ESO market: some professional biters appear. As we know, there will be werewolf and vampire NPCs in level 40 or so. A bite from them will give you an opportunity to get a set of new skill line, or from those players who have infected the virus. A lot of players want to try the new skill line, but it’s not easy to get bitten. There are some players who intentionally kill the NPCs and charge other players for a bite. Do you want to pay for it?

Actually it is not a trade that most players want. As there are potential buyers, there will be baleful sellers. If nobody buys, things won’t happen. The fact is there are werewolf and vampire guilds and most of them are willing to help others try the new skill line. But as there is a seven-day cooldown between two bites, you just have to wait for your bite if you can’t find a werewolf or vampire NPC. Don’t help foster the malpractices.