Clinical Trials in India –The National Perspective

As India is marching ahead to compete with the developed countries, clinical trials are appearing as an important activity in India. It is an essential component of drug discovery and development program to which India is committed. With many organizations carrying out clinical trials, there are many opportunities for clinical research jobs in India.

The only robust way to evaluate a novel medicine is by running properly designed clinical trials. In addition to many, clinical trials offer vast array of benefits to the participants. The recent hue that created in India about clinical trials is probably an exaggeration of facts. Efforts are being taken to ensure that India continues to reap the benefits of clinical trials and also become a world leader in the field of clinical research.

Now India is fast emerging as one of the global hubs for conducting clinical trials. This is due to the advantages which include availability of huge numbers of patients, highly skilled medical and paramedical personnel state of infrastructure and strong IT support. Over the years, increasing numbers of pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) are approaching doctors and medical institutions requesting to conduct clinical trials in India. Hence it is important that clinicians who are the principal investigators in these trials are well conversant with all aspects of conducting such trials.

The robust way to evaluate a new medicine is mainly by means of clinical research and that is why clinical trials are done. We may think why clinical trials are required when there are so many good medicines available. It is to allow the patients get better medicines in the coming future. Scientists and doctors over the world continue the search to understand which treatments are safer and better for their patients. When a patient is enlisted by a doctor in the clinical trials that means he needs the patient's cooperation in an experiment to understand the novel medicine.

An attractive destination for conducting clinical researches in recent years is India. India offers rapid completion and reduced cost to the sponsors from Canada, Europe and US. Our standards to conduct trials have already risen to the International requirements and made India ready to participate in more global trials.

Conducting clinical trials, in addition to advancing science also has myriad benefits for the participants. India has come up as a global hub for clinical trials and sufficient regulatory provisions are in place to guarantee safety of the participants.

It is important to note that there is no way a drug can be used except by an evidence-based method involving clinical trials. Even though there might be issues, the present treatment being given to the clinical trials is worse than the problem. Hence, we need to develop competencies for clinical trials in the form of better regulation and funding and the training of appropriate human resources so that India can proudly stand among the comity of nations doing clinical trials

Clinical research is very essential not only for developing medicines for emerging health concerns but also for finding safer and better medicines for entrenched diseases such as malaria,HIV, diabetes, hypertension etc. India, with its large patient population and unmet health needs,needs to make newer and better treatment options available to its population in a quick, economical and reliable manner. For this, India must take proactive part in clinical research and assume leadership role globally. Clinical research in our country is carried out as per global scientific standards as per sound ethical foundations .

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