What you need to know about auto transport shipping

Choosing to have an auto transport shipping company move your vehicle for you can save you time and energy, but it is important to know exactly what you need and to do some research beforehand. Finding the right company will not only get your vehicle to its destination but will also give you peace of mind while its moving.


First you need to assess what kind of auto transport shipping services you need. Some companies offer to drive your car for you and others place them on trucks and ship them to where you need. There are some companies that offer both. If your vehicle is non-operational you will need to choose a company that can accommodate your needs. It is recommended that you research prospected companies before utilizing their services. Once you have decided on one or more auto transport shipping companies it’s time to contact them to give them your information and to get an estimated cost.


There are many conditions that will determine the auto transport shipping cost. Basic questions include the make, model, and year of your vehicle. They will also need to know pick up and drop off location. Many companies can do door to door service unless prohibited. In those cases you may have to work with the company to find a location that fits both your needs. At this point your auto transport shipping company may ask you if you need any other services they might offer. Some offer completely enclosed shipping which is great for antique or classic vehicles. You should also take this time to ask about insurance. After you have obtained your quote, had your questions answered, and determined which auto transport shipping company you are going to use, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the move.


Before they drive off with your vehicle they will perform a full inspection that you must sign as well. You will need to make sure you thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s current condition at this time including windows, wheels, interior, etc.  This is exactly how your car should look when it is dropped off. Having this inspection will prevent any discrepancies should any damage take place during the move. You should also clean your car out completely before it is hauled. Remove all personal items and things of value. Most companies will not take responsibility for anything left inside the vehicle during the shipment.


Once your vehicle arrives, you will need to sign a report stating the condition of your vehicle upon delivery. Make sure you fully inspect your car inside and out at this time and refer back to your original inspection, if necessary. Notify the auto transport shipping company and insurance company of any damage or missing items immediately.


Auto transport shipping does not have to be painful. Taking these precautions will insure your shipment goes smoothly and safely.