Business Books Best Sellers 2013 Platinum Business International VP Award Winning Author Cole Wyatt Davis

Business books best sellers of 2013 are at “Selling Your Ideas”, Mastering Business,” and “Business First Aid” are part of a series of award winning business books that Cole Wyatt Davis has written. There are few situations in the business world that Cole has not experienced and survived – from massive financial loss to stunning success. The entrepreneurial genius, who has nurtured businesses over two decades, has been a few days from bankruptcy, has turned around businesses that were making enormous losses and has consulted to countless successful companies.

It's this same experience that gives Cole Wyatt Davis such great value as a Certified Professional Speaker. "Some of my businesses have struggled in the early days and that has taught me many important lessons," The key thing about what I have to share is that I've done it – I am speaking from experience, the good and the bad," Cole Wyatt Davis says.  Cole Wyatt Davis’ Knowledge from his experiences provide businesses with strong and refined tools, all of which have been tested in real-world situations and none of which you will ever learn about in business school.

Brent Forbes of Denver, Colorado said,  “The powerful information these books contain take you to a whole different level of business knowledge, and I have a masters degree in business.”

Bobby Williams of Tulsa, Oklahoma said,  “I have never read a book that made such a big impact on my business and personal life until now.  The books really helped us through some difficult times that easily could have gotten a hell of a lot worse without the right tools. I am so glad I bought the series of books.”

Cole’s must have book series includes: “The Business Road Map”, “The Brand and Me”, “Mastering Business 1”, “Mastering Business 2”, “Professional Negotiator”, “Business First Aid”, “Business Critical Surgery”, “Investors”, “Life After Business”, “The Money Tree”, “The Cole Wyatt Davis Story”, “Analyzing A Business”, “Distribution”, “Protect Your Ideas”, “Selling Your Ideas”.  To read more about Cole’s books visit our website at