NTT Communications Offers Immediate Self-management of Cloud, Network for Fast Response to Business Environments

Customers can manage Enterprise Cloud services & VPN/Internet circuit bandwidth

TOKYO, JAPAN – NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT (NYSE: NTT) Group, announced today that the customer portal of its Enterprise Cloud service will offer immediate on-demand management of cloud-connected Internet and VPN circuits, as well as cloud-based settings for server and network segments in virtual servers, beginning October 8.

In addition to adding/subtracting server resources, the service will enable changes in connected circuit bandwidth, the addition of network segments, and changes in VPN circuit-routing information. There will be no charge for these functions.

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Newly Added Functions:

  • Change VPN circuits connected to cloud infrastructure: The customer portal will enable users to immediately change VPN bandwidth and routing information.
  • Modify Internet circuits connected to cloud infrastructure: Users may now immediately establish or eliminate Internet circuits, change bandwidth, and add global IP addresses.
  • Modify server segments: Enterprises will be able to add/delete up to 24 server segments on demand, allowing them to modify system structure in the cloud for short-term optimization.

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Executive Quote
According to Motoo Tanaka, NTT Com’s Senior Vice President of Cloud Services, “Through the application of SDN technology, NTT Com will take the lead in offering enterprises immediate, seamless management of network operations on an on-demand basis via their customer portal. This is part of NTT Com’s goal to provide enterprises with the tools they need to grow and expand their enterprises quickly and cost-effectively.”

Analyst Quote
“NTT Com has a well-rounded cloud service portfolio that combines flexibility with advanced features in a way that is compelling to Web services companies and traditional enterprises. As enterprises are undergoing company-wide IT transformations, there is a good deal of runway left for providers like NTT Com, allowing an end-to-end approach to infrastructure and IT systems management,” said Agatha Poon, Research Manager, 451 Research.

Case Examples:

  • If you oversee IT at a software company and your developers need to scale up testing of a new app, you can make immediate changes to an existing VPN to enable heavier network simulation and usage.

  • As rich media becomes ever richer – for instance, as ultra HD (UHD) makes its way online – these assets will hit networks harder. If you’re responsible for ensuring satisfactory customer experiences (whether for consumers or businesses) you can now modify Internet circuits the moment demand exceeds normal bounds or a video goes viral.

  • If you are responsible for IT infrastructure at an e-commerce company, you can now dynamically adjust internal and external network capacity not only for the predictable Black Friday and holiday seasons, but also for opportunistic sales and marketing campaigns.

About NTT Communications Corporation
NTT Communications provides consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments of enterprises. These offerings are backed by the company’s worldwide infrastructure, including the including leading global tier-1 IP network, Arcstar Universal One™ VPN network reaching 196 countries/regions and 130 secure data centers worldwide.

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