Should You Worry If A Candidate Isn’t Active On Social Media?

You’ve picked your top 5 candidates for your open position. But what’s next? Do you find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Be honest, we’ve all done this at some point. You may find social media profiles complete with potentially risky photographs from your candidates’ summer or old profiles that would make them cringe. But what if you can’t find your candidate on social media at all?

Take a look at the three reasons why no social media presence could be a bigger red flag than a few embarrassing pictures:

1. You’re candidate has panicked

It’s been drummed into us since we started job-hunting that employers search for us online. Maybe your candidate once had a few dodgy profiles, has panicked and simply deleted everything? The Internet never forgets and there will be evidence lurking somewhere. Dig a little deeper. Try and uncover the reasons why they erased everything. It could be that they’ve been fired from a job in the past due to their antics on social media. It’s not to say that your candidate isn’t going to be a great match, particularly if it looks like they’ve turned over a fresh leaf, but it’s still better to be working from a position of knowledge.

2. You’ve got a technophobe

These days finding a candidate that has never had a social media profile is rare, and it could indicate someone who is unfamiliar or unwilling to get to grips with new technology. This could definitely be a cause for concern – much more so than a few drunken pictures. Profiles do not need to be super-personal, finding a profile filled only with retweets of articles or posts relevant to their interests is great and shows their ability to self-monitor their online presence.

At the very least you’re looking for a basic LinkedIn profile or a highly restrained Facebook or Twitter, any evidence that your candidate is able to get to grips with technology; whether in a business setting or not.

3. Your candidate is lacking curiosity

This may sound like a weird one, but hear me out – not being active on social media could suggest that your candidate isn’t curious. Social media sites like Twitter are a big part of how news spreads these days. And this doesn’t only go for current affairs; business takeovers and up-and-coming innovations can be big news on social media too. A simple ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ can signify a candidate’s interest in keeping up to date with new advances in their field, and if they add their own comments and ideas that’s even better.

Sharing content and keeping informed is particularly important for those going for more high-level leadership positions. Once you’ve secured a role for your candidate they may be in a position where other people in their industry begin searching for them online, and if they’re already doing the leg-work before you get involved, that can only help.

Of course, these reasons may not explain why you can’t find your candidate on social media – some people simply don’t want to be visible on Facebook and the like. Don’t let it stop you from giving them a call but perhaps try and dig a little deeper when you bring them in for interview.

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