Global Trends, Analysis, & Forecast 2015-2019 of Biosurfactants Market

Biosurfactants Market - Global Trends, Analysis, & Forecast 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 

Definition and Growth of the Biosurfactants Market:

The growing demand for bio-based personal care products and the environmental awareness to use bio-compatible and low toxic products has led to a growing demand for biosurfactants.

Due to their compound structure, surfactants are used as excellent emulsifying agents, detergents, dispersants, etc. Biosurfactants are produced from raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats, sucrose, and glucose. Biosurfactants are used in various industries because of their excellent foaming, wetting, emulsifying and detergency qualities.

Concerns about the use of synthetic surfactants has compelled many manufacturers to assess the biodegradability of their products. Biosurfactants have emerged as a popular choice, thus boosting the growth rate of the market to over 6% between 2015 and 2019.

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Key Application Areas for the Biosurfactants Market:

Detergents & Fabric Softeners
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Industrial & Institutional Cleaners
Food Processing, Oilfield Chemicals
Agriculture Chemicals
Due to their excellent skin compatibility and moisturizing properties, low irritancy and emulsifying properties, consumers prefer to buy biosurfactants based cosmetics and personal care products over their synthetic variants.

Growing consumer awareness about the benefits of bio-based products and the consumers’ willingness to pay a 'green premium price' for household & personal care provides the main impetus for the growth of the Biosurfactants Market.

Issues Involving Vendors in the Biosurfactants Market:

Low yield of biosurfacants production is a key concern involving most vendors in the Biosurfactants Market. Therefore, the implementation of scalable processes to manufacture biosurfactants is emerging as a top priority for vendors.

As vendors are keen to address rising costs involved in the manufacture of biosurfactant-based products, investments in R&D are expected to gain traction during the forecast period. Vendors are expected to introduce products in new application areas on a large scale during this period. Vendors would also focus on addressing the need for the continuous availability of bio-based feedstock to manufacture premium products.

Top Vendors of the Bio-surfactants Market:

The Bio-surfactants Market is consolidated in nature with the key market players accounting for the majority of market share in 2014. The top players in the market include-

MG Intobio
Some other prominent vendors include Air Products and Chemicals, Huntsman, Solvay-Rhodia, Stepan, Dow Chemical Company, Urumqi Unite Bio-Technology and Wako.

Geographical Segmentation of the Bio-surfactants Market:

Europe has accounted for the majority of consumption of biosurfactants in 2014, with over half of the market share followed by North America and APAC.

North America
Bio-surfactants face stiff competition from synthetic surfactants in developing countries as they are priced much higher. APAC is a market that holds promise during the forecast period due to economic growth in countries such as India and China.

Other Sections of the Report Include an Analysis on the Following:

Product offerings of the Top Companies in the Biosurfactants Market
Market Opportunity Assessment of the Biosurfactants Market
Market size and Forecast of the Biosurfactants Market by Volumes and Revenue
Consumer Buying Patterns of the Biosurfactants Market
Demand and Supply Scenario of the Biosurfactants Market
Key Drivers and their Impact on the Biosurfactants Market
Key Challenges and their Impact on the Biosurfactants Market
Key Trends and their Impact on the Biosurfactants Market
Five Forces Analysis of the Biosurfactants Market
SWOT Analysis of Key Vendors of the Biosurfactants Market


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