Resin Lens and PC Lens

Presently the lens of glasses is named and classified according to its material, such as resin lens and PC lens. These two kinds of lens are very common in online optical shops. Technically, PC lens is processed and produced on the basis of resin lens. But they possess their own advantages at the same time.

Resin lens and its advantage

1. What is resin lens?

The raw material of resin lens is resin (a mixture of several polymeric compounds). After a series of accurate chemical processing, synthesizing and grinding procedures, the resin is manufactured to be another kind of optical lens, PC lens. Meanwhile, resin can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin.

Actually, compared with glass lens, the history of resin lens, about 100 years, is very short. However, with the improvement of the raw material and the technology of resin lens, the lens has been becoming lighter and the transmittance is higher. In addition, the fact that the lens could be equipped with different functions by adding relevant coatings makes customers satisfied for their various requirements are met, which enables resin lens to be recognized by customers and thus replace glass lens quickly.

2. The advantages of resin lens

a. Impact resistance

b. High transmittance

c. Flexible and advanced processing techniques which can meet different special needs of customers, such as the aspheric processing etc.

d. Low weight and density

e. Low cost, volume production, time saving.

PC lens and its advantages

1. What is the PC lens?

PC lens refers to a kind of lens that is produced by shaping polycarbonate (thermoplastic material) after heating. This lens is made due to space exploration, thus is also known as “space lens”. Since PC is a kind of thermoplastic material with excellent properties, it is very suitable for the lens of glasses.

The history of PC lens is even shorter than resin lens, but with the employment of high quality raw material, if distinct itself from common resin lens. However, at the same time PC lens inherits the good quality of high impact resistance from resin lens. And thus when thickened, the PC material can turn to be bullet-proof glass!

2. The advantages of PC lens

a. High ability of UV protection for PC itself is equipped with the function of UV protection, thus it can protect eyes from almost all the UV rays; its color stays the same (the average resin lens will turn to be yellow after some time)

b. Lower weight, the lightest material among optical lens materials

c. Toughness, stronger impact resistance

d. High refractivity and low gravity which enable more and more improvement made on PC lens to meet the different or comprehensive requirements of customers.

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