110 London Escorts Looks to Change the Industry’s Pricing

07 July, 2014: 110 London Escorts, a groundbreaking London escort agency, today launched a campaign to restructure the way that the industry prices its services. This bold move could potentially shake up what has become a very insular field of business and bring great benefits to the consumer.

Back in 2012, the team at 110 London Escorts noticed that there was an alarming trend forming. Various agencies were raising their prices substantially, and the rest of the market quickly changed to fit this new model. It wasn’t the first time this has happened, in fact they realised that it had been a consistent feature ever since they first started working in the industry. These increased rates simply priced out average punters and stopped them enjoying the fine services offered by top London escorts.

Their solution: break the mould. There might be a fixed line for general and high class escorts in London, but the only thing enforcing it is greed. 110 London escorts chose to make smaller margins in order to demonstrate the incredible amount of overpricing that was plaguing the industry. Their rates are uniform across the city, fixed at a steady £110 an hour. In areas like Kensington, this is up to a 3rd of what most competitors charge, highlighting the huge markup that comes with the more established areas.

So why have 110 London Escorts potentially halved their own profits when they had no financial reason to do so? The reason is simple: they’re an agency formed by the punters, for the punters. Their head of PR had this to say: “The current rates charged for London escorts is highly inflated. Consumers are being forced to pay them simply because there is no alternative. In reaction to the growing discontent over the lack of choice, we’ve answered the need for a reasonably priced London escort agency. Hopefully, the rest of the industry will follow suit and put the consumer first.”

The results of this drastic move remain to be seen, but one thing is for certain: the average punter seems thrilled that someone is finally sticking up for them. Should 110 London Escorts be successful, it will represent a major coup for the everyday customer and may well change the industry’s pricing structure on a city-wide scale.

About 110 London Escorts:

110 London escorts is a new escort firm dedicated to bringing prices down, without harming quality. They were founded in 2014 and already cover over 100 areas in the capital.

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