Calling All Epic Women...

By Shelli Johnson, CPCC, NSCA-CPT

"Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?" (Mary Oliver)

The Epic Women program aims to take your breath away as you explore the rugged wilderness of Wyoming's spectacular Wind River Range - and the wilderness of your soul. The effort and the views will take your breath away, and you will not be the same woman when you return. You will be more, and better, than you were before.

We can go farther than we think we can. If only we dare to…

Mariah, Jenni, Jackie, Vicki, Diana, Wendy and Roxanne dared to by signing up for Epic Life’s Epic Women Expedition. These epic women could have signed up for a retreat or a vacation. But they didn’t. They signed up for something that promised to push them.

The Epic Women program is a year-long program that combines life and leadership coaching, personal training, and a 5-day backpacking expedition in my backyard, Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Mariah, Jenni, Jackie, Vicki, Diana, Wendy and Roxanne came from Colorado, Alaska, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, California and Wyoming to embark on the Epic expedition.

I am currently vetting for the 2016 program. Does it have your name on it? Email me at to learn more about the program, and to schedule a call.

Epic Life’s adventures provide an opportunity to embark on a “Hero’s Journey.” A Hero’s Journey is no vacation. Women who sign up for the Epic Women Expedition are answering a call to adventure. Joseph Campbell said nothing brings people together like terror and aspiration. In my final individual calls with each of the women the month before our expedition, most of the women remarked that they were “nervous but excited.” I had them right where I wanted them…

We each have only this one life, and to live our most epic life takes courage. Doing so often leaves us feeling nervous and excited. Personally, I know when I'm living my epic life because I will feel nervous and excited. "Signing up" to do things that will require courage and learning but that will lead to me feeling more alive, causes me great fulfillment. The more I practice living my epic life, the more I can feel my heart.

The Epic Women program dares women to become actually what they are potentially. When we do something epic, the experience causes us to become more. And, the people with whom we share the experience cause us to become better.

I might add, here, that being a woman – especially one who is also a wife and a mother, as I am – sometimes we feel guilty when we sign up for things that take us away from our families and cost us money. But it is not selfish to sign up for something that causes us to become more. One of the benefits of doing so is that we love ourselves more, which I'm pretty certain means we're more lovable.

And while it's no vacation, and it's a lot of work, the Epic Women program is also a lot of fun. When last year's adventure came to an end, one of the Epic Women (Jackie) remarked, "I have never worked, or laughed, so hard in my life." I can say the same!

I will wrap up this article by sharing what Mariah, (Director of Annual Giving at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo) says of her Epic Women experience:

Sometimes, in our lives, we meet exceptional people.  People who inspire us, challenge us, and ask questions that force us to grow.  These are the people whose voices become part of our inner monologue, and continue to challenge us and cheer us when they're not physically present.  Shelli Johnson is one of these people.  Since participating in her Epic Life program this summer, I have benefited tremendously from the lessons I learned-- lessons from nature, lessons from the other women on my journey, and the lessons I found within myself as a result of Shelli's deft coaching skills.  When I signed up for this trip, I wanted to get in shape, see great scenery, and learn to read a map.  I thought that life-coaching was something I'd have to swallow along the way, and was afraid I'd have to sing Kumbaya and cry around the campfire.  Six months later, I found myself wearing a trucker hat with a unicorn on it, being challenged to live my best life-- and I couldn't have been more intoxicated with the prospect of living it.  This is what Shelli does.  She meets you where you are, expertly identifies ways to make your life more epic, and then shows you that it was really inside you the whole time.  My trip was a bit like Dorothy's journey in the Wizard of Oz-- I went on an amazing adventure, I was helped along the way by wonderful friends, I got a new pair of shoes (okay, hiking boots), and was given the opportunity to pull back the curtain on my own life.  I'm not looking back. (You can read the other women's thoughts on the attached page 2 image of the brochure, included in the images attached to this article)

I started Epic Life based on this principle. We have only one life, and I want to dare, and help, people to live their epic life. By your epic life, I mean your life, not the life others expect or want you to live, and certainly not an ordinary life where you wake up and go through the motions as if on autopilot, just sort of marking time as your life passes by.  I have found that the combination of a wilderness adventure, personal coaching, is an ideal platform from which to practice doing the work that living our epic life requires.

This is why I provide the Epic Women program. Sign up, and I will give you everything I've got in our relationship.

Contact me at if you're interested... Space is limited, and this is an unforgettable, life-changing program!


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