Affluent Wealth Club "Breaking News": Fed's Likely Interest Hike Not a Problem for Its Members

Affluent Wealth Club Membership Positions Itself Against Potential Economic Slowing.

New York City, New York.  August 7, 2015.  Affluent Wealth Club is a VIP club for the elite…business owners and individuals who want more out of life than ordinary success. Members rave that their experiences with the Affluent Wealth Club have been extraordinary in that they have achieved incredible, measurable results in their financial lives within days of joining. No, there is absolutely nothing ordinary about the Affluent Wealth Club.

Affluent Wealth Club is designed for those who are already successful but want to hedge their bets.  The economy is on the upswing, or so say the alleged experts.  But is it really?  The Affluent Wealth Club has essential, up-to-date information on how to not only guard your precious assets but how to grow them.  Our members come from all walks of life and every industry imaginable and they have seen firsthand how important the right kind of financial knowledge truly is.  Vacation homes and small jets are not for everyone…but if you’re in the market for that kind of “acquisition,” the Affluent Wealth Club is something worth investigating.  More importantly, there are secrets to maintaining real worth and protecting its diminution over time.  After all, you want to live those "golden years" in a style you've become accustomed to and not have to compromise it by scaling down because you weren't prepared.  Affluent Wealth Club members are confident that THEY are truly in control of their financial lives, not the government nor their CPAs.  

Affluent Wealth Club teaches its members how to work smart, not hard...and to capitalize on every possible opportunity to enhance their current financial positions.  The highs and lows of the stock market and the constant fear of interest rates rising and inflation following suit don't affect Affluent Wealth Club members.  They have the knowledge they need to hedge their bets and protect their assets.  And they have fun learning how.  Ken B. of San Pedro, CA says, "My experience with Affluent Wealth Club so far has been truly amazing...I have received countless hours of professional guidance above and beyond the call of duty.  This experience is/has been especially life changing!  Thank you for all your help."  Those responsible for bringing the Affluent Wealth Club into being like to think of themselves as "dream makers."  So many people have lived more than half their lives and while providing a decent home for their families and a somewhat comfortable existence, they have never come close to achieving a single one of the dreams they had when they were younger and free of obligations.  The word from Affluent Wealth Club members is that dreams really can and do come true.  A limited number of memberships now available. Inquiries welcome at