8 Kids, a Business, and a Farm to Operate (Video)

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P J and Jim Jonas have a family farm raising goats in rural Indiana. One day P J was bathing one of her eight children and wished she had better quality soap. Then she had that “ah-ha moment” and thought the goats milk may just be what the doctor ordered.

Jim and P J tinkered with a mixture, then finally came up with the formula. They developed the goat milk soap and did some market research… Well, that’s a little bit of an over statement. Husband Jim tried it and, his cracked skin healed. That’s when they knew they had something special.

The rest is history. P J named their company Goat Milk Stuff, and started selling soap. They have been so successful; the whole family has been on the Today Show and The Doctors.

Think about this true entrepreneurial story. It all started in a bathtub. Now Goat Milk Stuff is sold around the world.

What’s in your bathtub?

Please watch this video of the Jonas family on The Doctors.

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