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USA - Currently there are a number of sources from which people can view and download videos for free. But the main problem is, the downloaded file can be in any format and in most cases might not be playable with the players people generally use. So, to convert the lesser known file formats to more popular ones, people can take advantage of such software that can convert media from one format to another. The AVI to MP4 Converter is one such software that can convert AVI files to MP4 format.

This AVI to MP4 Converter is available free of cost with this website to any interested users. And to download this software no registration or subscription is needed. Once the software is downloaded and installed people can change the AVI files to MP4 format whenever required and any number of times. This converter is useful and is easy to use. It has a user friendly interface which makes it simple to use for any person. Additionally, the conversion also finishes quickly and hence this software is as quick as it is easy to use.

The website says, “The free AVI to MP4 converter will provide you with the resource to turn any AVI file into a MP4 movie. If you are looking for quality, there is a good chance you can find it with this free AVI to MP4 converter. “

According to the website, the software has a number of advantageous features; firstly, it is free. Secondly, it is easy to use and thirdly it provides quick conversion from AVI to MP4. And most importantly, the converter makes sure that on change in format, the quality of the media doesn’t degrade. This is one advantage that most other conversion tools don’t provide.

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This website provides the free AVI to MP4 converter which changes media from AVI to MP4 without affecting its quality.

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