eBook "Greta Smart Figures It Out" Now in Paperback

The ebook Greta Smart Figures It Out is now available in paperback priced at $10.99 (US). The print-on-demand book can be found at on-line book retailers, including Amazon.

Described by Kindle Book Reviews as "well worth reading," Greta Smart Figures It Out follows 27-year old Greta Smart, who has risked everything to live out her dreams in Manhattan. Having built a successful career and supportive social circle, all Greta needs now is the right man. However, when she meets him on a “nondate,” her rigid ideas of life and love get in the way. But a drunken lunch and a trip home to Michigan to visit her dying grandmother upend Greta’s well-structured world. They force her to rethink the meaning of life and, ultimately, lead her to true love. 

Greta Smart Figures It Out is the third book written by Diane Dunning, author of novella The River Secrets and short-story anthology One Short Year.