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July 8, 2014 - Rock star John Mellencamp put it best in his song “Play Guitar.”

He sang “But if you really want to taste some cool success, you better learn to play guitar.”

Learn to play guitar with lessons, advice and more from the website .

“Playing guitar is one of those skills that you can take anywhere. No matter where you got, you’re going to find people who want to listen to guitar music,” said website owner and guitar guru Andrew Manzano. “Your only problem will be finding or carrying your guitar in the places you can go.”

While playing guitar is fairly easy, becoming good at it is something far different. Like everything in life, becoming good means practice.

“If you talk to the experts in any field, the way to get better is to practice the stuff you don’t like doing and the stuff that’s hard to do. If you want play the guitar, the same principle is true,” Manzano said. “When I learned to play, chord work was the worst for me. But, I stuck with it.”

Manzano’s website provides online lessons and links to software to help people learn to play guitar when they are not online, but still near the computer.

“If you want to play guitar, all you need is a guitar, extra strings for when they break – and they do break – and this website. You already have the desire. All you need is some quality instruction. That’s what I’m providing,” he said. “So get with the program and then you can tell John Mellencamp that you have found that cool success.”

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