Online Air Announces Innovative Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

Melbourne, Australia – Online Air announced that the company is offering energy smart Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. cooling and heating systems online, along with a three-day installation guarantee and five year warranty on parts, labor and the units’ compressor.

Online Air provides a comprehensive range of ductless split-cooling and heating units for single and multi-room solutions. The units can be used as stand-alone options or fitted to structures that currently employ traditional forced-air units. The Mitsubishi systems can be controlled wirelessly from smartphones and tablets, enabling the creation of personalized climate controlled zones within residential, commercial and industrial environments.

More energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems, Mitsubishi units are 40 percent more efficient than standard window air conditioners. Appropriate for use in existing homes and new construction projects, the systems offer an economical and efficient way to lower the carbon footprint in structures ranging from homes to industrial facilities.

Traditional forced air units require significant space to install and can actually force air out small cracks and imperfections within a building. Mitsubishi systems deliver cooled or heated air directly into the room without loss of efficiency. Individuals who install the systems may also qualify for tax credits and utility rebates.

The systems utilize the latest advances in chemistry technology that reduces the effect on the environment and the potential for ozone depletion. An added benefit of the Mitsubishi systems is improved air quality for those with allergies and breathing conditions. The units offer filtration of allergens and bacteria to dramatically reduce a wide range of air-borne particle contaminants.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries systems offered at Online Air provide quiet operation and features a stylish and elegant design that fits into any décor. Depending upon the selected system, units may include 24-hour to 7-day timers, auto-restart after a power failure, “econo-cool” and “I-save” mode that can recall preferred temperature settings.

Self-cleaning, auto determination settings, dry operation for dehumidifying, and self-diagnostic capabilities are available on some Mitsubishi Heavy Industry models. Systems are offered for single rooms, homes, businesses, commercial and industrial projects. The company provides individuals with an online calculator to assist in identifying the optimal system for specific uses.

Online Air provides guaranteed three-day installation for customer convenience each system comes with a five year warranty on parts, labor and the unit’s compressor for added value. The Mitsubishi systems offered by Online Air provide consumers with a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for cooling and heating that offers significant savings.

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