Memory Foam Dog Beds and Their Benefit to Pets

With the love and attention people give to their pets these days, the market is filled with all kinds of pet and dog beds, in numerous shapes and styles. Many are stuffed with loosely-bunched polyester fiber to act as cushioning. While this material is soft, there are limitations to the comfort it can provide. Particularly, to the support it offers your pet's joints. Fiberfill is easily compacted, and without regular fluffing, can ball up into lumps, leaving areas within the bed with no cushioning at all! Memory foam, meanwhile, is a stronger, smarter, and more comforting material that helps support your pet, keeping them feeling great!

Evolution of Memory Foam Beds

First developed by NASA to help astronauts deal with the immense G-forces during takeoff , the material began gaining popularity as it moved into hospitals, thanks to its pressure prevention capabilities. Soon after, it entered the mainstream with availability in mattresses, pillows, and now dog beds.

Why Memory Foam?

Animals can suffer the same discomfort and restless sleep as humans if quality bedding is not used. When stuffed generously, fiberfill beds can be comfortable, but memory foam simply brings more to the table for pets and humans alike. With its temperature sensitivity, the foam contours to the body's curves like no other material does. As the warmth of your pet's body softens the foam, it cradles high-pressure areas, encouraging circulation and preventing pressure points. The circulation benefits make it particularly beneficial for pets recovering from surgery, pets with arthritis, or pets with general aches and stiffness. 

Types of Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory foam dog beds are divided into two styles: shredded and solid. As you would expect, these styles can be better for some breeds than others. Generally, larger dog breeds like Great Danes, Boxers, and Labradors do better with solid memory foam, as it is more supportive of their greater weights. Shredded foam is fluffier and softer, which makes it a good idea for smaller dogs, like Boston Terriers, Corgis, and Pugs. The amount of shredded foam filling can certainly make a difference in how firm or soft the bed is, while solid foam is obviously much more consistent. Either way, the comfort and pressure relief of these beds will make them an instant favorite of your pet, no matter what style you choose!

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