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Even the common public can now get the necessary legal documents using the online portal called as This website specializes in pre-drafted documents legal and general, which can be used by anyone including lawyers or other professionals. This portal aims at making all the legal documents at a nominal price to the general public so that they can use these documents without any problems or difficulty.


These legal documents which are available in pre-drafted form can be edited by the customer to suit his or her requirement and these documents which are actually worth more than Rs. 5000 are available at very affordable price of Rs. 500 and below. It means that even the small businesses or startups can purchase these pre-drafted documents by making an online payment. According to Mr. Deepak Goel, This online portal is most efficient and convenient for all the customers for various reasons.


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  • These documents are pre-drafted as per the Indian laws and rules and that too by the expert professionals so that there are no problems for the customer.
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About Company is an online portal which aims to simplify the process of drafting various legal documents so that even the common man is able to use the documents available on this website without any difficulty.


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