Improve Upon Indoor Air Quality

People living in Indianapolis consider air pollution is something to do only with outdoor. But the air in the office or home can also be polluted. Some of the indoor pollution includes pollen, mold formation, tobacco smoke, household products & pesticides, gases like carbon monoxide and materials used in the building like asbestos and lead. Sometimes many people have different symptoms due to indoor air quality in Indianapolis. Sometimes Indoor air quality can cause a lot of discomfort. Most of the people feel better once the source of pollutants has been removed in the air. However, some of the pollutants can cause different diseases that can show up later like asthma and other respiratory problems. Making sure the building is well-ventilated and getting rid of all the air pollutants can improve the quality of indoor air.

What can cause indoor air problems?

Indoor air pollution can release gases and particles into the air. This is the main cause of indoor air quality problems at homes. Insufficient ventilation increases air pollutants by not getting sufficient outdoor air and not carrying indoor air pollutants out of home. High humidity levels and temperature can increase the concentration of some pollutant.

What short terms and long terms affects can cause when indoor air quality is not maintained?

If the indoor air quality has air pollutants then immediate effect can show up after single or repeated exposure. These include nose and throat irritation, eye irritation, headache, fatigue and dizziness. Since immediate effects are normally short term and can be treated. Sometimes there are other symptoms that can be noticed like asthma and other respiratory problems that can show up immediately after exposure to indoor air pollutants. Immediate reaction to indoor air pollutant depends on many factors like age & pre-existing medical condition. Other health effects can show-up years after exposure have occurred. For some it may show up effects like heart disease and respiratory disease. Certain immediate effects can cause like viral diseases and cold. It is very important to determine if the symptoms are caused due to the exposure of indoor air pollution. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention at the place and time the symptom occurs and have improved indoor quality of air. Some effects can make it worse when there is an inadequate supply of outdoor air. In Indianapolis, there are many duct cleaning contractors who can perform the job. Pollutants found in indoor air are mainly responsible for causing harmful effects. People react differently when exposed to indoor air pollutants.

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