Pune –Flavours, Traditions and the City of Good Times

If you enjoy travelling then Pune is a city that should be on your travel radar. Rich in traditions, lovable for its delectable cuisines and a city of good times for all those who love peace and prosperity. A city known to have existed since 847 AD has developed and evolved into a strong cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. Today it’s bustling with energy and enthusiasm of the young generation which loves to delve and involve in the corporate atmosphere, dine and hang-out with friends yet there is a strong indication that they have not forgotten their cultural roots and they know how to create a fusion between the ultra-modern society and their cultural backgrounds.

There are so many things that one would love about Pune but if you want a quick sneak-peek, you should try the food, visit places of cultural & historic importance and of course interact with the social side of the general public to gauge the level of spirit and liveliness amongst the people of this wonderful city.

Whether it’s a street side food vendor or a high-end restaurant, you can rely on one or the other speciality that signifies an art of cooking which holds in quality and flavour all the times. For e.g. try the VadaPav with ground nut and mint chutney at a roadside food stall and try the KheemaPav at a five star hotel…You won’t regret the concept or the taste (unless you are not used to spicy food).

Visit places like Shaniwar Wada, DagadushethHalwaiGanapati Temple, Raja DinkarKelkar Museum, Sinhagad Fort, Aga Khan Palace, The seventeen Peths (markets) of Pune, to get an impression of the rich heritage borne by the city of Pune.

The IT parks at Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Magarpatta and major engineering/manufacturing units in and around the city will give you the colossal nature of industrialization and how it has helped the novel generation to welcome new cultures and open doors to new beginnings of entrepreneurship and business ventures. You can visit various hotels in Pune city and can have mouth-watering food there.

Welcome to a city which prides itself for its vivid colours of flavours, traditions and good times.