Nuclear Power New build Market Key Country Analysis to 2025

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The growing demand for electricity across the globe and the necessity of developing and using safe, reliable and economical sources of energy are encouraging countries to build new nuclear reactors. Globally, there are more than 430 reactor units that are currently under operation and 62 nuclear reactors were in construction stages of development in 14 different nuclear power countries globally, as of July 2013. More than 435 nuclear reactors are in the financed, permitting and announced phases of development across the globe. Over 45 countries are considering introducing nuclear power generation as part of their energy mix across different regions in the world. The nuclear power programs of these countries will open up numerous opportunities for various players involved in the new-build nuclear market, creating a potential market for the foreseeable future.

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  • Gain up to date information and analysis relating to potential opportunities in the global nuclear new build market
  • Identify key regions representing potential growth opportunities for nuclear new build
  • Gain information regarding the major players involved in the manufacture and supply of nuclear technology
  • Understand potential market opportunities in various geographies and fine tune your business strategy in target locations


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  • Analysis of the growth of the global nuclear industry and the plans for building nuclear power reactors in various key regions, including Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America
  • Analysis of trends in the global nuclear power sector and opportunities in the nuclear new build market from 2006 to 2012 and forecast for 13 years up to 2025
  • In-depth analysis and forecasts including the size of the nuclear new build market and the growth potential of the market up until 2025
  • Qualitative analysis of market drivers and restraints
  • Qualitative analysis of key regulations impacting the nuclear power industry
  • Analysis of key market players in the industry

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Nuclear Power Deployment, Global, 2006–2025 19
3.1 Nuclear Power Deployment, Global, Capacity and Generation Overview 19
3.2 Nuclear Power Deployment, Global, Drivers 22
3.3 Nuclear Power Deployment, Global, Restraints 23
3.4 Nuclear Power Deployment, Global, New Build Market 24

Nuclear Power Deployment, Asia-Pacific, 2006–2025 27
4.1 Nuclear Power Deployment, Asia-Pacific, 2006–2025 27
4.2 Nuclear Power Deployment, China, 2006–2025 32
4.3 Nuclear Power Deployment, India, 2006–2025 55
4.4 Nuclear Power Deployment, Japan, 2006–2025 72
4.5 Nuclear Power Deployment, Republic of Korea, 2006–2025 85

Nuclear Power Deployment, Europe, 2006–2025 99
5.1 Nuclear Power Deployment, Europe, 2006–2025 99
5.2 Nuclear Power Deployment, Bulgaria, 2006–2025 105
5.3 Nuclear Power Deployment, Czech Republic, 2006–2025 114
5.4 Nuclear Power Deployment, France, 2006–2025 122
5.5 Nuclear Power Deployment, Russia, 2006–2025 137
5.6 Nuclear Power Deployment, Ukraine, 2006–2025 153
5.7 Nuclear Power Deployment, the UK, 2006–2025 162

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Nuclear Power Deployment, Emerging Nations, 2013–2025 260
9.1 Nuclear Power Deployment, Thailand, 2006–2025 260
9.2 Nuclear Power Deployment, Turkey, 2006–2025 269
9.3 Nuclear Power Deployment, United Arab Emirates, 2006–2025 280
9.4 Nuclear Power Deployment, Vietnam, 2006–2025 289

Nuclear Power Deployment, Key Players 299
10.1 Areva SA 299
10.2 Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd 306
10.3 China National Nuclear Corporation 310
10.4 Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. 312
10.5 Hitachi, Ltd 320
10.6 Korea Electric Power Corporation 329
10.7 Mitsubishi Corporation 334
10.8 Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation 342
10.9 Toshiba Corporation 346
10.10 Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC 356


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