Mother and son team co-found website for adults over 50 that offers private generational sharing.

Vero Beach, FL - April 29, 2014 -- Business partners, Ginger Atwood and Ryan Gragg, who also happen to be mother and son, have launched a private website that is specifically designed for baby boomers and older adults., which was conceived over six years ago and has been in the research and development stages for the last 18 months, recently launched to the public.

The site serves as a hybrid time capsule and real-time sharing platform. Subscribers can catalog their life's experiences and wisdom through text entries, videos, photographs and documents that can then be shared privately with family and friends whom they invite to be a part of their network. In an effort to ensure privacy and selectivity, invitations to connect with subscribers can only be sent from an account holder. Non-members cannot solicit an invitation from the outside or even search for other users from within the site.

While Facebook is now a popular destination for most adults, My Wisdom Link serves as a more intimate way to connect - not with 200+ of their friends and acquaintances - but with 1, 10, or maybe even 20 of their closest family members and friends. My Wisdom Link offers subscribers a "Vault" where their memorable stories and experiences can be entered within a simple text template and where documents, videos and pictures can be uploaded and stored for safe keeping.

The idea for the site came from the founding members' close ties to the assisted living and nursing home communities, both personally and professionally. Having continually witnessed regret by older adults, or by children and grandchildren, for not having spent enough time talking about issues and experiences that were important to them, the founders realized that they wanted to create something that would allow their own family to record cherished and valuable information that could be shared at any point in time.

Ginger Atwood, My Wisdom Link co-founder said, "The beauty of the site is that it's simple to use and it helps you tell your story as only YOU can - the way you know it should be told. Why wait for people to share your experiences after you're gone, only to have them tell your stories incorrectly -- or not at all?"

The decision to launch the site was not due to a desire to join the growing Internet industry, but rather by a passion to utilize the Internet as a way to improve the experiences and contribution of one's life and more permanently extend the connection between family members and friends. Now any adult over 50 can provide their next generations with permanent access to their own, unparalleled experiences and wisdom afforded only by a generation that witnessed Kennedy, the Civil Rights movement, space travel, Woodstock, Watergate, Viet Nam, and even the development of the world wide web.


My Wisdom Link ( is a private website designed specifically for adults over 50 to share their wisdom and experiences through story telling and real-time communication with family and close friends. It also serves as a virtual time capsule for their future generations.