A Rejuvenation Journey – Thai Airlines

Most individuals enjoy travelling to new places, be it for business or pleasure. There is something exciting about exploring a new place, eating the food, being part of the culture or just taking a break from your everyday life. The mood for the vacation is often set by the journey; a nice, comfortable flight leaves one feeling relaxed and rested, ready to start right away no sign of jet-lag at all. Thai Airlines is one of the airlines that offer you such comfort.

Thai Airlines is one of the best known airlines in Asia and has won many awards for its service around the world. It has over 85 aircrafts that carry passengers to over 70 destinations in 35 different countries. The airline boasts of various in-flight features which include comfortable seats, world-class food and beverages and entertainment like interactive Audio Visual on Demand with a myriad of movies and video games. A new interactive feature allows individuals travelling to learn new languages on the flight. The flight attendants are friendly and attentive especially towards children who are provided with various toys and books.

The Airline has an extremely comprehensive site which gives individuals all the possible information required. It is tailored to suit travellers and online air tickets booking is made easy and quick through Credit cards, Visa or other acceptable mediums. Though a maximum of 9 bookings is allowed by 1 card in one go. Reservations for any flight can be made anywhere between 6 hours or 11 months prior to departure. Tickets can be refunded after contacting the office though a refund fees might be applied. Reservation and Ticketing is also possible at the Thai City Office located in different cities in different countries around the world. Reservation for any flight must be made 72 hours to 11 months prior to departure.

Thai Airlines is a growing name in India. It offers multiple flights to various destinations and has 52 flights a week from India to Thailand. In India the Thai City Offices are present in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. The flights are easy to book and are said to be punctual.

Travelling is a wonderful experience that most of us want to experience. The South East Asia region is proving to be a popular tourist attraction with individuals from all over the globe coming here to experience the culture. More and more Indians are beginning to travel, as both technology and the economy improve. A trip to any destination is a memory one cherishes forever and for these trips the old saying rings true, the journey is as important as the destination. That is why choosing a mode of transportation that best suits you, is very important. A comfortable journey leaves one feeling exuberant and rejuvenated and allows one to truly enjoy the beauty and the novelty that each place and each trip brings.